How To Determine If Accounting Is Right For You

There are a lot of people who think about going into accounting for a number of reasons. You might think that this is a good career choice, but you need to consider if it is right for you. To do this, you will need to ask yourself a few questions and carefully consider your answers.

Are You Detail Orientated?

When you are a detail orientated person, you will a lot of attention to the little things. This is very important when you work as an accountant in Melbourne because these little things could seriously impact the accounts you work on. If you have a keen focus on precision and accuracy, accounting may be a good career choice for you. Of course, you will also need to be patient and persistent in your pursuit of answers to challenging questions. Read for accounting tips for small business.

Are You A Good Communicator?

A lot of people have this idea that accountants work in a back office on their own and never talk to people. This is not true and accountants will need to be good communicators. You should have good written and verbal communication skills as you have to explain accounting concepts to clients and walk them through their accounts.

In the corporate world, tax accountants are also called on to make presentations. Additionally, if you want to progress, you have to be able to communicate with a team and be able to lead them. While numerical skills are important, you should not forget that you need communication skills as well.

How Do You Perform Under Pressure?

Accounting is a high-stress profession and you need to be able to perform under stress. Accounting is considered the language of business and this means when something goes wrong they generally turn to their smsf accountants Melbourne to find out why. After all, everything in business comes down to the numbers and you need to be able to handle this.

Additionally, there are a number of deadlines that you will have to meet when working as an accountant. You will have to meet tax deadlines and ensure that all returns are filed in a timely fashion. If you do not handle pressure very well, you might want to reconsider a career in accounting.

Do You Value Integrity And Honesty?

Accountants carry a serious responsibility and you need to be able to cope with this. Accountants are in charge of the financial records of a company as well as its overall financial health and safety. Accountants will have access to a lot of sensitive information such as the tax forms and balance sheets o a company. This access means that you need to have strong ethics and a high-level of integrity. Find out more here on how to achieve your financial goals and objectives through proper management of finances.

When you work as an accountant you need to be truthful about any situation. You also need to be a stickler for rules because the rules of accounting are the basis of a good business. You will not be able to make your own rules as an accountant and there is no such thing as creative accounting. If you cannot stick to all the rules and ensure that others do as well, accounting might not be right for you.

Targeted Marketing Tips For Your Tutoring Business

If you own a tutoring company for high school students or any business, you probably know how important target marketing is. Especially with tutoring for high school or university students, location is an important factor in decision making because people want their tutors to be close to where they live or close to school so the commute is reasonable and not as time-consuming. And this is definitely something that you should include in your marketing plans.

There are several ways of using targeting your audience effectively. In fact, the more targeted your marketing campaign is, the more effective your Ads or website will be. However, there are some tips that you should keep in mind when doing so because targeting too much can also reduce the number of people you can reach. So it is just as important to try and achieve the right balance. And if you are wondering about WHO to target, think about who the decision makers are. In most cases if you are teaching kids, their parents would be the decision makers and they are the people that you want to target. This short video explains how to drill down to your target customers specifically for someone interested in starting a tutoring business:

Now, let’s have a look at what you can do to target specific suburbs so you can reach the right audience for your business.


A site is essential for your tutoring business.  Signup with a quality website hosting company and purchase a domain name. You might think this is an obvious one, but there are so many businesses that are operating with a Facebook page and trying to use it to sell their services, that this mandatory step has to be stated. A business that does not have a legitimate and independent website is not going to inspire a lot of confidence in people who might be interested and wanting to know more.

Keyword Phrases

A domain name is essential.  So do not go with a free service that does not allow you to have your own private domain name.  When creating the domain name, be sure to include a keyword phrase in the name.  For example, your business is a tutoring business for high school students.  Therefore, the name of your website should include a keyword phrase that relates to that.  For example, if your first name is Angie, your site could be called Angie’s Tutoring Service. Of course, you can target several keyword phrases after that, but this will be the main domain name.

Proper keyword phrases must also appear in your subtitle and the description of your website. If you want to target multiple suburbs, you can create pages on your website to target these individually or few at a time. This depends on how big those areas are. This also works for Ads. When you are targeting a specific suburb or area, you want to send those people to the landing page of that area, instead of sending everyone to the Home page, which is one of the biggest mistakes that people make. If you want professional assistance, consider hiring a Web Marketing company that can assist you with setting up your website properly and helping you set up SEO campaigns or other marketing campaigns. Visit A.P. Web Solutions online to see how Agencies help with digital marketing.


picture of tutoring session

In your website’s content is where you will target parents in suburban areas.  If you include the strongest keyword phrases, your keywords will likely hit on the main search engines, such as Google. Therefore, when a parent in a suburban area searches for a high school tutoring service, your website will likely show up.  For example, if you are targeting parents in the suburb of Brighton in Melbourne (VIC), an example of a keyword phrase would be “Brighton high school students tutoring service.”  This keyword phrase would appear in your content, titles or description. Although you can do this yourself, it is highly recommended that you use a professional service so that you can build a campaign around accurate data. Consider consulting with a digital marketing company and ask them for an in-depth keyword and competition analysis.

Here’s a local SEO consulting firm in Melbourne that specializes in online marketing:

Social Media

After you have set up your website, be sure to have a presence on at least two social media sites.  Your clients will not only visit your site, but they will also be on the main social media sites. Content that you produce on your website should be promoted on social media sites.  Some of the main sites include:



Facebook is one of the leading social media sites.  You would create a Facebook business page and on the page, you would promote the content from your website as well as other content that pertains to your business.  Get as creative as you’d like, with your Facebook page, but be sure also to communicate with the people who like your page.


On Twitter, you can promote in 140 characters.  Use Twitter as a way to provide links to your content.  Also, include other information and be sure to communicate with the people who follow your page.   Retweet other people’s content that is similar to yours, for example.


Instagram is a photo sharing site.  Use Instagram to share pictures of your workplace, your students, the schools that you’re associated with or anything that relates to what you’re promoting.

Promoting your business online can be done DIY.  However, if you are unaware of how to promote your business, you can hire professionals, including professionals who specialize in SEO.    You can also hire professionals to write content for your site, create videos or take photos for your site.

With the right kind of targeting and guidance, it is perfectly achievable for you to do this on a budget. Once you start seeing some results (leads) coming in from these campaigns, you can start to reinvest that into marketing plans further. But you should also understand that there is a learning curve to it and getting results initially will take some time and patience, especially if you have never done any kind of marketing before.

Why Tutoring Is So Important For Students

Competition in our job market has increased significantly over the last decade. This is partially a result of high competition, which itself is the result of information so readily available these days. There are certain skills that are in demand as they have ever been and more and more types of fields and careers and professions are emerging every day. So although there is ample opportunity in our economy, there is also a lot of uncertainty in our education system, which is becoming more and more complex and confusing for students. This is where tutoring comes in and why it is so important for students. Have a look at this short documentary about the increasing stress in students in schools:

Tutoring is one of the best ways for both high school and college students to get good grades. Getting help with various coursework is usually something that is looked at as a last resort. However, this is the wrong way of going about it. Being unable to understand various coursework or concepts is not something that is unusual. This is particularly true when you are taking a lot of different classes at once like a high school student typically does. For this reason, getting additional tutoring help on those respective subjects can go a long way towards helping one understand the difficult to master concepts and/or subjects. In this article, we will be going over exactly why tutoring is so important for high school and college students.


So lets have a look at some of the reasons why tutoring is so Important for High School and College Students:

Learning Takes Time

Most high school curriculum’s puts too many classes into too short of periods. Thus, it can be very difficult to really teach a specific subject matter in that period of time, and in turn, it can be difficult for a student to grasp it. Thus, a student is likely to need additional tutoring on his/her own time in order to fully understand and grasp the subject matter and concepts that are gone over briefly in class. This is exactly what tutoring allows you to do.



tutoring school class sketch

A tutor is going to be someone that will help to hold a student accountable for learning the given material and concepts. A good tutor is going to help the student learn but also hold them accountable for doing so which will ensure that they get good grades in the respective subject. Without having a tutor, a student is less likely to keep themselves accountable for learning the material.

Personalized Teaching

We all remember those topics or classes in school that we were always terrible at, no matter how hard we tried. Every person and student has their own way of learning and is unique. So if someone is naturally not inclined or excited about learning a specific kind of topics like math or science, then they need a different kind of instruction or tutoring than what they are getting, which is exactly the same as what their classmates are getting. This is one of the biggest benefits of private tutoring. It allows the student to get personal attention from the teacher and make them understand in a way that they can wrap their head around the topic.

Tutoring is one of the most important things that our students need during their years of education, to make sure that they make the best of their education and move forward with confidence and competence!